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More than just your average salon

Rooted with Tina is a loft space founded on the idea of what a new work environment could be. With attention to much detail, the studio provides an inspiring space to foster a unique experience in an atmosphere of intimacy, peace, encouragement, community and leaves you feeling refreshed and confident. Located in Cascades Overlook, Rootedwithtina’s creative dream is proud to join the Salon Lofts II.



Tina comes with 26+ years in the industry of which 18 of the last have been as co-founder and partner of Maude Salon. Finding that it was time for a more simple way of work-life balance, Tina founded the loft life in 2021. 

As a softball mom who considers herself a blonde at heart, she enjoys creating transformations, such as bold blondes, natural blondes, ashy blondes, or warm blondes. Making grey conversions or blondes wanting to be brunettes are great fun too. She loves short hair for women and men, but can for sure create beautiful long luscious locks as well.

About RWT

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